Green Bay High School

18 March 2024

The important bits first:

We have had questions about where to find results  – these are all listed here on the evening of the event 

If you have new orienteers in your group, there are a few things we have available to help. Make sure they’ve watched the video for first-timers on the info pages. We will have Orienteering Lifeguards out on course that they can ask for help if they are stuck. If participants doing orienteering for the first time or are not feeling confident they may go in pairs this week with a map and Sport Ident card each.

Please try to be at the venue before 4pm so students can hear the race briefing.

Remember, no lining up at the start lines until after the race briefing. We can not state an exact time for briefing as it occurs immediately after all controls are put out. It is usually around 3:50-4:00pm. After briefing has finished students will be asked to line up behind their competition grade signs. They will be released to start approximately every 45-60 seconds from then till all students have started.

Results will be available live on the TV screen at the event centre and published afterwards at 


Green Bay High School, 143 – 161, 145 Godley Road, Auckland 0604.    See google location for the event centre here.

Parking is best on Godley Road and surrounding Streets.

Once parked you must enter the school grounds though the gate on Godley Road.  Students should not walk through the school grounds to get to the event base.  The main school buildings area is Out of Bounds until you start the event!  DON’T RISK DISQUALIFICATION BY WALKING THROUGH THE BUILDINGS.  Stick to the fields to get to the event base.

Follow the signage to get to the event centre.

Parking for cars and drop-off for buses:

Event Centre:

Once parked, head to the edge of the field to find us.  The start lines and finish, Registration and download is all in the same area.  There will be orienteering signs out to help you find your way. See the site plan below for more information.


Toilets are available as sign posted.

Out of bounds:

As always, areas marked in olive green on the map are out of bounds. These are generally small gardens. There are small areas of pink stripe, these are also out of bounds.

Special considerations:

Please be quiet around the library area of the school as staff are having a meeting here during the event.

There may be other sports codes practicing on the field and on the netball courts. It is wise to avoid this area.

Event director will be Shaun Collins.

See you there!



Sunday 7 April 2024

Teachers are notified by us, which students have been selected for the finals in the couple of days after the final event in the series.

Covid Policy

We are so lucky to be able to have events after the unusual times we’ve all experienced in the last couple of years. However, we still need to be vigilant so please:

  • If you or someone you are in close contact with have symptoms of cold or flu, are unwell or who are waiting on test results for COVID-19 you must stay away
  • If anyone (or if anyone close to you) has been overseas or in self isolation within the last two weeks prior to the event you must stay away
  • If you are an at-risk person or you live with or have regular contact with an at-risk person(s) then you must stay away
  • There will be a hand sanitizer stations at in various locations around the event base. Please use these as required.