Loved the Auckland Schools Sprint Series?  Come and try more orienteering in Auckland.

Now that you have tried orienteering on a school campus, try a club event in a park, farm or on a forest map.
Orienteering events are organized all year round by the 3 Auckland Region orienteering clubs – Auckland Orienteering Club, North West Orienteering Club and Counties Manukau. Bring the whole family along – orienteering caters for all ages and abilities.

Join a club for:
Discounted entry to events held by all clubs
Coaching and training opportunities
Newsletters and advance notice of club events suitable for all ages events and abilities

How do you join a club?
You can register online for the club of your choice:

North West Orienteering Club:
Auckland Orienteering Club:
Counties Manukau Orienteering Club:

What do you need for a forest event?
Forest events are a little different from school sprints – and even more fun!  Just like school events, wear comfortable clothing you can walk or run in and running/ sports shoes. You may like to wear tights/ skins or leggings to protect your legs from branches, spiky bushes or cutty grass at some events.

Just like at school sprints, you will be given a Sport Ident device to use (hire fee $3)

Most events have up to 9 different courses, starting with easy White courses to difficult Red courses. You should enter a white or a yellow course if it is your first time on a park or forest map.
White courses: For beginners: all the checkpoints are on tracks, fence junctions or “handrail features.
Yellow courses:  These are also easy and suit many beginners. Controls (Checkpoints) are also on or close to handrail features such as tracks, fences, vegetation boundaries or streams.
Orange courses: These are for more experienced orienteers who know how to use a compass. The checkpoints are no longer on handrails such as tracks and fences but can be found using navigation techniques such as compass skills and reading contours.
Red courses: For experienced orienteers.