Orienteers navigate a set course between control points, usually marked by orange and white flags, using their skill in map reading to choose the best route and their running ability to get there as quickly as possible.

The map is the central focus of orienteering and map reading is the central skill.

Orienteering maps differ from conventional maps in that they show a great deal of detail.


Click on the relevant zone button below for final details on location, parking, out of bounds areas, special map features etc.  This will be updated for the relevant event by 10am on the day before the event.

Western Zone Sprint Series Events

  • Monday 19 February – Rutherford College

  • Monday 26 February – Avondale College

  • Monday 4 March – Waitakere College

  • Monday 11 March – Henderson High

  • Monday 18 March – Green Bay High School/Green Bay Primary

Entries close at 2pm the Thursday prior to the Monday event.

Central Zone Sprint Series Events

  • Wednesday 21 February – No event planned as there are no further venues available

  • Wednesday 28 February – Epsom Girls Grammar

  • Wednesday 6 March – Mt Roskill Grammar

  • Wednesday 13 March – Selwyn College

  • Wednesday 20 March – Michael Park School

Entries close at 2pm the Monday prior to the Wednesday event.

North Harbour Zone Sprint Series Events

  • Thursday 22 February – Pinehurst School

  • Thursday 29 February – Long Bay College

  • Thursday 7 March – Takapuna Grammar/Belmont Intermediate

  • Thursday 14 March – Orewa College

  • Thursday 21 March – Rangitoto College

Entries close at 2pm the Tuesday prior to the Thursday event.

Sprint Series Finals

  • Sunday 7 April 2024

  • Morning event at Birkenhead College– First start at 10am

  • Afternoon Event at Murrays Bay Intermediate – First start at 1:30pm

  • Placing from morning event determines starting place for afternoon event

  • Final result is the total of both morning and afternoon times.


If you’re looking at this on a mobile device you might need to swipe left to see the details of the table

Registration – Collect team timing chips and sign in From 3:30pm
Start From 4:00pm
Public Starts – Available for parents, teachers and club helpers From 5:00pm
Course Closure – Checkpoints start getting collected 6pm


Entries must be submitted online via College Sport’s EnterNOW site. Entries close at 2pm two business days before the event. Entries will then be reopened for the following weeks’ events. Students can be entered all at once or weekly.  Cost is $11.50 per student.


Don’t worry if it’s your first time.  We want to make orienteering an enjoyable experience!!

For the first two weeks of the series we allow students who are new to orienteering to go around the course in pairs.

We also have a couple of roaming orienteering lifeguards out on the course to offer support/tips if you get a bit lost or need help.

And check out the video below for beginner tips if it’s your first event.


All you need is a pair of running shoes, active clothes and something warm for afterwards if the weather is cooler.  The events happen rain or shine, so a rain jacket is recommended.


All participants must be a bona fide student of an Auckland Secondary School with a maximum age U19 as at 1st January 2024.


  • Year 9 – Junior
  • Year 10 & 11 Intermediate
  • Year 12 & 13 Senior


Here is an example of what the map with a course looks like.


We are so lucky to be able to have events after the unusual times we’ve all experienced in the last couple of years. However, we still need to be vigilant so please:

  • If you or someone you are in close contact with have symptoms of cold or flu, are unwell or who are waiting on test results for COVID-19 you must stay away
  • If anyone (or if anyone close to you) has been overseas or in self isolation within the last two weeks prior to the event you must stay away
  • If you are an at-risk person or you live with or have regular contact with an at-risk person(s) then you must stay away
  • There will be a hand sanitizer stations at in various locations around the event base. Please use these as required.
  • There will be a hand sanitizer stations at in various locations around the event base. Please use these as required.