Organised by Counties Manukau Orienteering Club and to be held at Totara Park in Manurewa.

Rogaine is a form of cross-country navigation, or orienteering, in which individuals or teams visit as many checkpoints/controls as possible within a given time limit. For this event we have set the limit at 90 minutes.

Participants travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Instead of following a defined course, the controls may be visited in any order. Each control is allocated different points which are acquired by competitors through visiting the control.

The competitor(s) in each category and grade with the highest score wins! In the case of equal points, the quickest times will determine placings. Please note that points are deducted from your overall score for late returns.

Participants may return to the Event Centre area as often as they like, and do not have to stay out for the entire time allowed.

The event will be suitable for all ability levels (total beginners to experienced rogainers), with controls for less experienced orienteers (very near or visible from tracks and fences), and graduating to more developing orienteers, as well as red controls, which are designed for more experienced orienteers.

For the latest information, please check Counties Manukau Orienteering’s website (, social media postings (, or contact us at and we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Location: Tōtara Park, Manurewa, Auckland (Wairere Road entrance)

Driving directions:

  • From the North: From the Southern Motorway, take the Hill Road off-ramp. Turn left onto Hill Road. Go straight through the roundabout (still on Hill Road), then turn left onto Wairere Road and continue to the road end.
  • From the South: From the Southern Motorway, take the Takanini off-ramp and proceed towards Manurewa on Great South Road. At the traffic lights in the centre of Manurewa, turn right onto Hill Road. Follow Hill Road over the motorway, go straight through the roundabout (still on Hill Road), then turn left onto Wairere Road and continue to the road end.
  • Parking for private vehicles is available in the carpark on the right (89 Wairere Road, Totara Park, Auckland 2105); however, when full (this is a public carpark), please considerately use the surrounding streets, with the exception of Ysabel Crescent – which we recommend buses use as a drop-off and pick-up loop.

The Event Centre (Registration, bag drop, Start/Finish area) is adjacent to, and visible from the car park.


  • 10.00 – Registration opens to pick up ident (timing) sticks
  • 10.30 – Briefing by start area
  • 10.40 – Maps distributed
  • 11.00 – Mass Start
  • 12.30pm – Finish
  • 12.45pm – Prize giving


Tōtara Park is embargoed from 10 April 2024 until 29 May for the purposes of orienteering, or orienteering skills training. Please note that this does not include the adjacent Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Start and Finish Process

There will be a marked start area that we will ask all students to be inside by 10:55am.

All students need to ensure they have Cleared and Checked their Sport Ident. SportIdent AIR will be switched off.

At 11:00 the students will head off on the course. This will be a timed start.

To finish the course students need to ensure they punch one of the two Finish Controls which will be in the same location as the Start.


Terrain Notes

Moderate to steep farmland with areas of native bush, tracks, fences, and streams. Please check the Hazards Board at Registration on the day for any final updates.

Important course information

  • There is work in progress in the Botanical Gardens (adjacent to Tōtara Park) and construction vehicles could pass through the area of the Gardens we are using. Please be aware of, and keep well clear of all vehicles.
  • Look out for other park users, especially mountain bikers on the tracks.
  • Cows are gentle, but keep away from them and do not drive them into paddock corners.
  • Cross fences at posts, and gates at the hinged end. Leave farm gates open or closed as you find them.
  • Single-strand temporary electric fences can be easily gone over or under. These will be on.
  • With the variable growth of recent plantings there can be patches of “difficult to run” among the “slow run” that are not shown on the map, and vice-versa.
  • Make sure you clear and check before you start.

Entry Category and Grade Details

The individual category is for experienced orienteers only. If you are inexperienced or new to orienteering you must run as part of a team, preferably with a more experienced orienteer. The event organisers retain the overall decision whether a competitor may compete as an individual or must be in a team.


  • Individual boys/open
  • Individual girls
  • Teams of 2 boys/open
  • Teams of 2 girls

Age categories:

  • Senior Year 12/13
  • Intermediate Year 10/ 11
  • Junior Year 9
  • Year 7/8

Mixed teams are permitted, however girls or nonbinary/agender runners in “mixed” teams with boys must enter the “boys/open” category. Pairs must stay together at all times.

Timing system: SportIdents (regular) will be supplied by the event organisers and allocated to all entries, one per team. SportIdent Air will not be turned on for this event. SportIdents will be available for pickup at Registration at 10am; please send one person (sports coordinator, teacher, or adult representative) from each school to pick these up to hand out to your students. These will be collected at the Finish.


Personal Responsibility and Safety

  • WhistlesIf injured or distressed, the recognised signal for assistance is a series of six short blasts on the whistle. Do not use your whistle unless it is an emergency. If competitors hear this signal, they are expected to render assistance. Please ensure at least 1 person remains with the distressed party, while others inform the event organisers (Controller – orange vest) and officials so that they can respond appropriately.
  • Roaming in-field coaches/safety staff: We will also have coaching and support staff (pink vests) in the field to assist as required, do not hesitate to ask them for support as required.


Waste and green thinking

The organisers aim to be eco-friendly and reduce waste where possible, and this event will operate under a ‘Pack-in, Pack-out’ policy (so if you carry it into the venue, please carry it out again).

Please bring a water bottle to use instead of cups at the event centre as much as possible.


Secondary Schools need to enter via College Sport EnterNow website through the Schools Co-ordinator.

Intermediate Schools send your entries by email  to Val Robinson using the ENTRY FORM [HERE].  Names, grades and gender are required.

Students can use their own Sport ident cards or they will be provided by the organisers. One is required per team. If using personal Sport Ident cards please note the number on the entry form. Hire cards will be handed out on the day at registration.

Entries close: Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at midnight
Entry fee: $15 per individual, $30 per team of two. (SportIdents will be provided to all participants and hire fees are included in entry price.)

What to bring

  • Water/lunch/snacks – there will not be any shops or vendors on site
  • A watch watch to ensure you return by the 90 minutes allocatedand avoid being late and incurring penalties
  • A compass and a whistle
  • A highlighter can be useful for planning your route
  • Shoes with a grippy sole as it can be quite muddy – the farm gets very wet
  • Raincoat or jacket
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for afterwards as you will get muddy/wet

Rogaine Rules

Rogaine is the sport of cross country navigation in which teams (or individuals) visit as many check-points as possible within a given time limit. The time limit for this event is 90 minutes.

Participants travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Checkpoints may be visited in any order, with checkpoints being allocated differing points. The highest score wins.

Participants may return to the event centre as many times as they like and do not have to stay out for the entire time allowed. Penalty points are deducted from the overall score for a late return.

There are checkpoints/controls for everyone: 10 suitable for less experienced orienteers, which are very near handrails like tracks and fences – yellow standard controls; 10 orange standard controls, which are achievable for developing orienteers; and 10 red controls which are designed for more experienced orienteers. Many people will be able to get controls that are more difficult than their usual abilities because a lot of people around you are going to them as well.


There will be 30 controls numbered 130 to 159, with the points value being:

  • 30 for the 130 series
  • 40 for the 140 series
  • 50 for the 150 series

Making a total of 1200 points available.

  • 20 points will be deducted for each minute or part minute you are late to the finish after 90 minutes, so remember to have a watch.

Previous Rogaine Map Example

Please contact if you have any questions.