Below are details from the 2023 event.  The 2024 event details will be updated early in 2024

Auckland Orienteering Club invites you to the 2023 Auckland Schools Rogaine Championships this year on Tuesday 16 th May at Stoneybrook Farm, Waimauku

Rogaine is the sport of cross-country navigation in which individuals or teams visit as many checkpoints/controls as possible within a given time limit, 90 minutes.  Participants travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Checkpoints/controls may be visited in any order, with checkpoints/controls being allocated differing points. The highest score wins.
Penalty points are deducted from the overall score for a late return.
The event will be suitable for all ability levels, from total beginners to experienced rogainers.

Date: Tuesday 16 th May 2023
Location: Humphries Farm, -36.7570752,174.4723149
Directions:  Entry to the event is off SH16, 2km northeast of Waimauku (take care turning off and back onto the Highway). The event will be signposted from Waimauku.

Important: There is an uncontrolled railway crossing on the farm road to the event centre.
Drivers must stop and look both ways before proceeding to cross the railway line when enteringand leaving the event.

After entering the farm gate follow the signs to the Event Centre. There is a bridge on the way that will only take mini-vans. Any large buses will need to park at the farm carpark (1.4km from event centre) and walk from there or get a ride with other vehicles. We ask that anyone bringing large buses should aim to arrive by 9:45am. 

There is full cell phone coverage on the farm


  • 10.00 – Registration opens to pick up ident (timing) sticks
  • 10.30 – Briefing by start area
  • 10.40 – Maps distributed
  • 11.00 – Start
  • 12.30 – Finish
  • 12.45 – 13:30 – Prize giving (including prizes from recent Sprint Series Final)

Start and Finish Process

There will be a marked start area that we will ask all students to be inside by 10:55am.

All students need to ensure they have Cleared and Checked their Sport Ident. SportIdent AIR will be switched off.

At 11:00 the students will head off on the course. This will be a timed start.

To finish the course students need to ensure they punch one of the two Finish Controls which will be in the same location as the Start.


Important Out of Bounds information

There will be a section of your map that is a filming location that is strictly out of bounds. This will be marked on the map with a red hashed Out of Bounds.

 Any competitors entering this section will be disqualified and asked to return to the Event Centre.

Terrain Notes

Open hilly farm land with sections of native and pine forest. Some wetter sections with marshes and streams.

Grade details


  • Individual boys
  • Individual girls
  • Teams of 2 boys
  • Teams of 2 girls

Age categories:

  • Senior Year 12/13
  • Intermediate Year 10/ 11
  • Junior Year 9
  • Year 7/8

The individual category is for experienced orienteers only. If you are inexperienced or new to orienteering you must run as part of a team, preferably with a more experienced orienteer.

Runners may run up grades but not down. A girl can run with a boy but would be placed in the Boys grade. Pairs must stay together at all times within 20m – we will be tracking teams to ensure that fairness occurs.


It is expected that competitors carry a whistle

Individual competitors must bring their own whistle to this event. Use your whistle if you need urgent help because of an injury or distress.

The recognised distress signal is a series of six short blasts on a whistle. Pause and listen for reply and repeat to allow them to locate you. Do not use your whistle unless it is an emergency.

Competitors are expected to render assistance on their course to anyone who is injured, has blown their whistle, and requires physical assistance. Please render assistance as needed, and make event officials aware of the issue so they can organise the appropriate response.


Personal Responsibility and Safety

Competitors should always use common sense to ensure their own and others safety.

Check for specific hazards in the event information and on the Hazards Board at the Event Arena.

There will be many fence crossings. Electric Fences will be turned off. Please cross fences at the firm posts to avoid damage.

To avoid initiating unnecessary searches after the event, competitors must punch the Finish control.

Safety Bearings

It is mandatory for competitors to carry a compass and be able to navigate directions using it. 

Safety Bearing is South to the Kaipara River, cross the river at a bridge, and then follow the farm road you arrived on back to the Event Centre.


Waste and green thinking

The organisers aim to be eco-friendly and reduce waste where possible, and this event will operate under a ‘Pack-in, Pack-out’ policy (so if you carry it into the venue, please carry it out again).

Please bring a water bottle to use instead of cups at the event centre as much as possible.


Secondary Schools need to enter via College Sport website through the Schools Co-ordinator.

Intermediate Schools send your entries by email to using the ENTRY FORM [HERE].  Names, grades and gender are required.

Students can use their own Sport ident cards or they will be provided by the organisers. One is required per team. If using personal Sport Ident cards please note the number on the entry form. Hire cards will be handed out on the day at registration.

Entries close: Friday 12th May
Entry fee: $15 per individual, $30 per team of two. Sport Ident hire $3

Please pay for each school into Auckland Orienteering Club Account Number – 03-0195-0641747-000 and put name of school and “rogaine” as references. An invoice can be provided on request.

What to bring

  • Water/lunch/snacks – there will not be any shops or vendors on site
  • A watch for time-keeping is essential to avoid being late and incurring penalties
  • A compass and a whistle
  • A highlighter can be useful for planning your route
  • Shoes with a grippy sole as it can be quite muddy – the farm gets very wet
  • Raincoat or jacket
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes for afterwards as you will get muddy/wet

Rogaine Rules

Rogaine is the sport of cross country navigation in which teams (or individuals) visit as many check-points as possible within a given time limit. The time limit for this event is 90 minutes.

Participants travel on foot, navigating by map and compass. Checkpoints may be visited in any order, with checkpoints being allocated differing points. The highest score wins.

Participants may return to the event centre as many times as they like and do not have to stay out for the entire time allowed. Penalty points are deducted from the overall score for a late return.

There are checkpoints/controls for everyone: 10 suitable for less experienced orienteers, which are very near handrails like tracks and fences – yellow standard controls; 10 orange standard controls, which are achievable for developing orienteers; and 10 red controls which are designed for more experienced orienteers. Many people will be able to get controls that are more difficult than their usual abilities because a lot of people around you are going to them as well.


There will be 30 controls numbered 130 to 159, with the points value being:

  • 30 for the 130 series
  • 40 for the 140 series
  • 50 for the 150 series

Making a total of 1200 points available.

  • 20 points will be deducted for each minute or part minute you are late to the finish after 90 minutes, so remember to have a watch.

Previous Rogaine Map Example

Please contact if you have any questions.