Below are details from the 2023 event.  The 2024 event details will be updated early in 2024

An orienteering relay is similar to a traditional running relay, in that you are organised into teams, and run one after another. Each runner is given a slightly different variation of the map, with several controls placed close together at certain points on the map. This means you need to pay even more careful attention to control numbers than usual. Runners usually complete a course one grade lower than that otherwise relevant to their age grade, allowing schools to create full teams by including less experienced orienteers.

There is a mass start, which is a very different orienteering experience for many, but the runners soon space out. Nonetheless, in most cases, the first of the final leg runners to punch the finish is the winner, making for some extra exciting sprint finishes when the competition is close. Both because of this and the event centre run through when runners pass the baton (in this case the map), relays make for much better spectator engagement than the traditional long events.

Barry Curtis Park

Wednesday 14th June, 2023

Counties-Manukau Orienteering Club will host the Auckland Schools Relay Orienteering Championship 2023 at Barry Curtis Park .

General Information

Organising Club Counties-Manukau Orienteering Club
Enquiries To John Robinson   021 891165
Location Barry Curtis Park  Stancombe Road Car park
Event centre Stancombe Road Car park
Course Setter Kurtis Shuker
Event Controller Bryce Brighouse
Map Scale 1:5000
Contour Interval 2.0m


Entry fee per student $12.  Entries will be emailed to using the entry form…[HERE]. Pre-entry is essential.

Payment is to CMOC bank account 12 3052 0311680 00

Entries must be received by midnight Friday 9th June, 2023.


There will be mass starts for first leg runners from 10.30am, There will be a briefing for all runners at 10.15am

Auckland Relay  Trophies

The Top School relay trophies will be awarded to the top Boys team and Girls team who earn the most points across the three grades according to the allocation below.

Points allocation:  1st = 5;  2nd = 4;  3rd = 3;  4th = 2;  5th = 1 for each grade.
Year 7/8 students are not included in the Top School Trophy calculations.


Timing will be done using the SportIdent electronic punching system.  Students may use their own SportIdent card, or a SportIdent card may be borrowed for the day if the student doesn’t own one. If providing their own card the number must be given on the entry form. Loan cards must be collected from registration by each school on arrival. Non return of an ecard will be charged at $150 each.


Grade School Year
Senior Year 12 or 13
Intermediate Year 10 or 11
Junior Year 9
Year 7/8 Year 7 or 8

Course Information

The technical difficulty of the relay courses will match those recommended by Orienteering NZ for the NZSSOC. There is only one difficulty category for each  grade

Grades Technical Difficulty# Estimated
Winning Time
Approx. Distance *
Senior Boys Orange 30 mins 3.0km
Senior Girls Orange 30 mins 2.8km
Intermediate Boys Yellow 25 mins 2.6km
Intermediate Girls Yellow 25mins 2.4km
Junior Boys Leg 1&3 Yellow, leg 2 white 20 mins 2.2km / 2.0km
Junior Girls Leg 1&3 Yellow, leg 2 White 20 mins 2.2km / 2.0km
Year 7/8 Boys White 20 mins 1.8km
Year 7/8 Girls White 20 mins 1.8km


Typical park land with water features and park tracks .Lots of small trees and a special feature of this park are the rock walls.

Clothing and equipment

Shoes with good grip are strongly recommended for all but the white course

A whistle and compass should be carried by all competitors. The competitors need to know that the whistle is for use in emergencies only when they are injured and unable to continue. The emergency signal is 6 short blasts on the whistle.

Safety bearing

Should a competitor become completely lost during the event and need to pull out they should follow a compass bearing  North will bring you back to the event centre.

Start and Finish

The start and finish will be in the event centre. All competitors must punch at the finish after tagging their next runner and proceed to the download even if they are not completing their course.